10 really useful ideas for your next newsletter

really useful ideas for your newsletter - Liz Hall Design

I don’t know about you but coming up with ideas for my newsletter can be so time consuming – thinking of ideas, writing them, creating images, creating the newsletter. There often aren’t enough hours in the day so the poor newsletter gets forgotten about. Again.

It’s a real shame because contacting your customers (previous, current or potential) once a month should be a priority. Even if readers just glance or skim, they’re seeing your logo and brand colours and you’re staying in the front of their mind should they need you in the future.

To make things a little easier for you, I’ve had a brainstorm and come up with ten ideas you can use or adapt to suit your business.

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Ten best resources to get inspiration for your logo – Guest Blog from Dipitus

Liz Hall Design - guest blog Dipitus

There are lots of places to seek inspiration for your company logo. Even if you want to work with a graphic designer such as myself rather than Do It Yourself, you will want to think about your company values and the image you want to convey.

It’s therefore a great idea to look at some examples and select some concepts you like that you can show to your graphic designer.

You might be thinking: where do I look for inspiration for my logo?
Well, here are 10 great places to look for logo ideas.

Be aware though – don’t copy another logo. Besides breaching their trademark, part of your business success will depend on you establishing what makes you different to your competition, so make sure your logo is unique.

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10 easy steps to simplify your small business

Simplify your business - Liz Hall Design

Two things have prompted the idea for this blog, both different but both related.

The first is the fact that I’m on maternity, I’ve added to my brood and I need a business that fits my changed circumstances. I need my business to be easy to run.

The other is my ‘word of the year’, I chose Simplify. My house started to overflow with stuff and I got tired of searching for stuff and tripping over stuff. Stuff I don’t actually need or even want.

As I’ve been sorting through the house, I’ve been going through my office, and it clicked that I needed to simplify my business too. Much of what I’ve been doing in my home life also applies to my business life.

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10 useful design tips for your marketing freebie

design tips for your marketing freebie - Liz Hall Design, logo design, graphic design, Bradford

A marketing freebie is a great asset for your business – you can tempt people to sign up to your email list, use it as a Thank You to your customers, or simply to show your expertise and have as a download on your website or on your social media.

So how do you start? Well, I can give you a few tips from the design side but unfortunately, coming up with the content is your first job!

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7 creative and different ideas for your next business card

Liz Hall Design - Logo design, graphic design, Bradford - business card inspiration

Most of us business owners rely on the traditional 85x55mm business card – easy to handle, they fit into business card holders, they just work.

But there are a few creative alternatives around which might spark your imagination and fit your business better. They may suit your business personality and branding better, they might help you stand out more at networking events, they might even double up product tags or a loyalty card.

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10 ways to promote your small business with stickers

promote your small business with stickers - Liz Hall Design - logo design, graphic design. Bradford

I absolutely love stickers but they are an overlooked marketing tool. Cost effective to print, they can be used in any number of ways to promote your brand, quickly and easily.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes and used well, can really enhance your brand. Print a generic design and it will work on a large range of marketing for a number of years, or print a small run for a specific campaign or event.

You can provide clients with extra information about your business, prices, information on products and services, direct them towards your social media, or even tempt them with special offers.

Just think creatively how you can use them to market your small business and raise your brand awareness.

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