Wellbeing Umbrella

Working with Wellbeing Umbrella

Liz Hall Design is very proud to be associated with Wellbeing Umbrella.

I’ve put together a list of services to help your wellbeing business look its very best online.

  • Store banner design
  • Your brand toolkit


No need to struggle trying to fit an image into an awkward space… simply choose a design from a range of five templates and I can create your store banner and mobile banner (with the correct sizes and dimensions) using your images and brand colours.

Price: £30


Build your wellness brand with a store banner that complements the rest of your marketing. I can create a bespoke store banner and mobile banner based on your brand that is unique to your business and memorable for your customers.

Price: £60


Consistency is the key to creating your visual brand and making your business look memorable to your customers.

I can help untangle your colours and fonts, give guidance on images and your business personality, and create a handy PDF you can keep to hand to remind you of your guidelines when ever working on your print, social media or website.

Price: £30 – £45


Having a bespoke logo created for your wellness business might not be in your budget at the moment but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Premade logos give you the option of having a professional logo for your business but at a more affordable price. They will be sold multiple times so they are not as unique as a custom made logo. However, by using your business colours, you can still create a unique brand that is your own.

You can use these on your Wellbeing Umbrella store to help build your visual brand, and also on printed marketing leaflets and business cards, on your website and on your social media.

Price: £60

Contact me to get started or for more information