8 great tips to make your brand look consistent

8 great tips to make your brand look consistent from Liz Hall Design

Creating consistency with our marketing materials is always at the forefront of our minds, or at least it should be. It’s how we become recognisable to our customers and potential customers. And it’s also how we stand out from our competitors.

Creating a brand style guide is a great start as it keeps us on track. I create one for every logo design job and adher to it myself so I keep myself on track. It’s very easy for the designer in me to get carried away. And just because the design is nice, it doesn’t mean it’s right for the brand.

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5 design alternatives to the A5 flyer

5 design alternatives to the A5 flyer - Liz Hall Design, logo designer, graphic designer

You’re thinking you need to do some marketing, you need some sort of a flyer. An A5 flyer will do. Everyone gets those so it’s fine for you too. But is it?

Now don’t get me wrong, A5 flyers are a classic and have their place. If you’re doing a leaflet drop or you need something cheap and throwaway then this is perfect. Gardeners, trades, garages, promoting an event, new restaurant in town – you’re just letting everyone know you’re here. Get 5,000 printed. Perfect.

But what if you want to create marketing collateral that people will keep, not just fold in half and shove in a pocket or handbag. And yes, we’ve all done it with flimsy flyers.

What if you want to look more professional? What if you want to stand out more? What if you don’t want to give your leaflet to the masses but rather to your super customer who will hopefully buy your products or services?

What if you don’t need 5,000 flyers to sit under your desk for the next five years? You’d be fine with a few less and really think about who to give them out to – a particular networking event, a conference, a fayre, on your counter if you have a shop, a place where you know your super customer will see them and hopefully pick them up.

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