10 creative places you can use your roller banner

Liz Hall Design - roller banner uses

Roller banners, or pull up or pop up banners, are a great piece of marketing kit.

However, don’t just use yours once and then leave it to gather dust in the corner. Find a place to keep it up permanently or reasons to use it more often. It’s great exposure for you and your business.

Where can I use my roller banner, I hear you ask? 

The answer is literally anywhere. Use your banner to communicate with the general public, to grab the attention of your existing customers or spark the interest of potential new customers. Take a look next time you’re out and you’ll find you’re spotting them all over the place.

But, if you’re in need of a little inspiration, do read on…

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16 creative ideas for your email signature

16 creative ideas for your email signature from Liz Hall Design

The humble email signature sits at the bottom of the hundreds of emails we send every year but how much thought do we put into it other than the standard logo, contact information and social media icons?

Did I really say hundreds of emails a year? That’s hundreds of opportunities to market your business and get extra exposure where it’s needed.

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