16 creative ideas for your email signature

The humble email signature sits at the bottom of the hundreds of emails we send every year but how much thought do we put into it other than the standard logo, contact information and social media icons?

Did I really say hundreds of emails a year? That’s hundreds of opportunities to market your business and get extra exposure where it’s needed.

I’ve put together a list of different things you can add to your email signature to give your business that little extra promotion.

Get social

You can add the standard row of social media icons or you can promote which ever platform you use most or where ever your clients usually find you.

I’ll see you there

If your business is out on the road at a big exhibition or event, tempt your customers to come see you at your stand. If you’re an active part of a local networking group, advertise the details at the bottom of your email.

Check out my special offer

Got some thing happening at the moment then tell people about your special offer or promotion.

Promote your new products

Advertise and promote a new product with a gorgeous image linked to the selling page on your website.  Just published a book? Add a link and advertise it.

Take a look at my portfolio or gallery

Ideal for any business which has products or images to showcase , add a link to where ever you have your porfolio or gallery, or create a downloadable PDF.

Read my latest blog

If blogging is your thing, add a link to your latest or most useful blog.

Build your email list

Looking to build your email list then add a newsletter sign up link. Even better if they get a freebie with it!

Download a resource

Give away a freebie, just make sure it’s branded with your logo and all your contact details. This can be an Ebook or resource that your super customer would love to have.

Sign up to my new course

If you’re running a course, add a ‘sign up’ or ‘book here’ or a link for more information – tempt people to click and explore further.

I’m in the news

Congratulations, you’ve won and award or been featured in a magazine – add the link.

That’s useful to know

Add a tip or give some useful information that shows your expertise and builds trust with customers.

Find out a little more about me

Add your company brochure so people can find out more about your business.

Share your latest news

New office, new studio, new website, new cat – tell people about it.

Book a meeting or appointment

A link to your booking system is useful so clients can book a meeting, an appointment or phone call with you.

View our rooms…

Website links don’t just have to link to your home page. They can link to whatever it is that you need to promote, whether hotel rooms, recipes, classes, services, price list… what do your customers need to know

Add a photo of yourself

If it’s useful for your job to be recognised, don’t be afraid to add a photo of your self to your email signature. Just make sure it’s the same professional business image photo that you use on your website, social media and print marketing.

I hope that’s got you thinking about updating your email signature but whatever you do, don’t add every single item to it! Not only will it make every email massively long, your customers won’t know what to click on. Too much choice.

Do create a beautiful standard branded email signature and update information as needed, for different clients, different times of year, different promotions – what ever works for your business.

Keep your image file sizes small and your text to a minimum.

But do get creative.

What do you have on your email signature? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Liz x

Liz Hall Design - logo designer, graphics designer, Bradford

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