7 creative and different ideas for your next business card

Most of us business owners rely on the traditional 85x55mm business card – easy to handle, they fit into business card holders, they just work.

But there are a few creative alternatives around which might spark your imagination and fit your business better. They may suit your business personality and branding better, they might help you stand out more at networking events, they might even double up product tags or a loyalty card.

Liz Hall Design - portrait business card

Portrait business card

Here’s a thought, just turn your business card 90 degrees and make it a portrait shape. It’s such a simple idea but many of us don’t even think to try it.

I’ve wrestled with a business card design for ages before changing the orientation and then the design just fell into place.

Liz Hall Design - business card with rounded corner

Business card with rounded corners

Not drastically different to the traditional business card but it gives a softer look and feel. Not many people do it so it can make your card feel subtly different.

Liz Hall Design - mini business card

Mini business card

A mini is just half the size of a standard business card, it’s a slimmer version. Lots of crafters and makers seem to use this option and have different products and designs on the back while the front is simple with just contact details on.

Seeing all the different patterns can be a lovely effect and interesting to see which ones people are drawn towards.

Liz Hall Design - square business card

Square business card

One of my personal favourites is the square business card – it just shouts “look at me!” and feels gorgeous when you pick it up.

Keep it to the same size as a standard business card and it’ll still fit in your business card holder.

Liz Hall Design - folded business card

Folded business card

Some businesses have a lot of information they want to hand out – they might have a couple of different sides to their business, or they might want to combine a business card with a loyalty card. In these cases a folded business card is perfect. It gives you that little bit more space so it doesn’t feel cluttered.

You can also stand it up during networking events or on an exhibition stand.

Liz Hall Design - 4 page folded business card

4 page folded business card

The 4 page folded is like the business card above but with a gatefold, almost a small mini brochure. I saw one of these years ago and loved it – you can get a little more info on there, it stands up so looks good at networking events.

Liz Hall Design - shaped business card

Shaped business card

The shape is down to your imagination. It can be as simple as a corner chopped off or an oval or a circle. Or let your imagination go wild and have a camera, fruit, vehicle, create something that fits your business and the design.

It is a more costly option but if you have the budget and it really helps promote your business and branding, it might be the option for you.

And finally

Once you’ve spent the time and money designing a gorgeous business card, don’t forget about the print. Think about when you get handed a business card that feels thick or luxurious or has a velvety finish – that business owner has gone the extra mile to make their small business look its best.

Talk to a local printer or ask an online printer for samples and see what will suit your card and your business. It doesn’t have to be more expensive, there are always special deals on.

I’d love to hear about your business cards – let me know about them in the comments.

Liz x

Liz Hall Design - logo designer, graphics designer, Bradford

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