January marketing ideas to boost your business

January is that time of year when most of us get all fired up about our businesses (new year, new you and all that) so it’s a great time to use all that positive energy and plan some marketing for this month and beyond.

Some of us might be busy this month (yay for you!), for some of us January is the yearly drought. Either way, our customers are still out there. They might be ready to buy or they might be planning what they want to buy as soon as that wage hits their bank account.

So create a marketing campaign for January that gets your business seen – send out a newsletter, plan your social media, try a different marketing tactic.

I’ve created a list to get your brain thinking, get you inspired and stop you feeling down in the dumps – there’s a ton of things you can do this month!

And if you’ve stumbled upon this blog and it’s not January, still keep reading. Most of these ideas you can implement at any time of the year when business is slow or you need a little marketing inspiration.

1. Send a New Year card to your customers to say thank you for your business and loyalty and for helping grow your business.

2. Create an irresistible January special offer to tempt customers.

3. Launch a January giveaway to generate interest in your social media and build your followers or newsletter list.

4. Let customers know your plans and what you’ve got coming up soon – events, workshops, new services, new products.

5. Start new content series – it could be a daily challenge, a weekly video or a monthly podcast.

6. Send a branded calendar or wall planner to your customers to keep you in their mind all year.

7. Start a customer loyalty scheme.

8. Create How To articles and videos.

9. Remind customers what you sell so they’ll know when they’re ready to buy.

10. It’s New Year resolution time – get fit, eat healthy, family time, new hobbies. How can your business help?

11. January and February are also time for bad weather, cosy nights in, Spring cleaning, planning projects (holidays, decorating, garden) – what are your customers doing and what do they need?

12. Start planning Valentines Day, Easter and Wedding fairs – they’re just round the corner!

13. Get to know your customers on social media – what would they like to see on your website, what do they want to read in your newsletter, what products or services are they really interested in?

14. Spring clean your branding and let your customers know or launch your new brand.

15. Everyone loves a Top 10 list – create one and inspire your customers.

If you’re all fired up full of marketing ideas now, take a peek at my blog how to create your small business marketing plan – it has loads to great resources and ideas to help you create a mini marketing plan for the whole year.

If you’ve used any of the tips above, I’d love to hear about it in the comments 🙂

And if you’ve been inspired but you need some designer help, then do get in touch and let’s see how I can help you.

Liz x

Liz Hall Design - logo designer, graphics designer, Bradford

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