50 things to throw out of your home office right now

A few of my customers recently have been hit by the decluttering bug and have been inspired by my blog Declutter your office and your business. There are a few times in the year when it seems to hit people – September, end of the year going into the new year and Spring time.

It always gets me towards the end of the year, looking back and wanting to clear excess before the start of the new year. I do it in my home in general but it’s especially nice in the office where I inevitably spend much of my day.

If you’re keen to declutter but you’re struggling to know where to start or you just want a quick clear out of excess items, I’ve put together a list of 50 things you can throw out of your office right now.

It’s a mix of actual physical things plus digital clutter as every thing seems to pile up in rooms, on computers and on phones.

But as before, please don’t just throw away. Where possible, try to recycle, upcycle, take to charity, gift to others.

  1. Old computers
  2. Old printers
  3. Pens that don’t work
  4. Business cards – file them or add to your database
  5. Old magazines and catalogues
  6. Old batteries
  7. Broken phone chargers
  8. Used ink cartridges
  9.  Delete emails from years and years ago
  10.  Unsubscribe from emails from stores you never shop at
  11.  Delete spam emails
  12.  CDs you don’t use
  13.  Markers that have dried out
  14.  Old mobile phones
  15.  Old phone covers
  16.  Free promotional items you’ll never use
  17.  Free promotional bags you’ll never use
  18.  Junk mail
  19.  Business books you’ve never read or won’t read again
  20.  Manuals – most can be viewed online
  21.  Office furniture you no longer use
  22.  Packaging from electronics
  23.  Old paper work
  24.  Excess paper work – file, scan or shred
  25.  Old receipts
  26.  Old calendars
  27.  Old diaries or planners
  28.  Old debit/credit/loyalty cards
  29.  Out of date vouchers and gift cards
  30.  Cancel digital services you no longer use
  31.  Dead or dying plants
  32.  Unused cables and wires
  33.  Outdated electronics – ipods
  34.  Delete apps you no longer use
  35.  Duplicates of anything – staplers, rulers, hole punch
  36.  Old hand cream
  37.  Knick knacks that just take up space
  38.  Delete old texts and contacts
  39.  Delete bad or blurred pictures
  40.  Delete screenshots and duplicates
  41. Product samples
  42.  Greetings cards unless sentimental
  43.  Anything broken – lamps, ornaments
  44.  Unused storage boxes or files
  45.  Anything that doesn’t belong in your office
  46.  Gadgets you never use
  47.  Old batteries
  48.  Excess picture frames
  49.  Anything you don’t need or use regularly
  50.  Anything you’re keeping ‘Just in case’

And finally

Now that you have a sparkling, tidy office, have a peek at my blog 8 easy ways to create a happier, healthier workspace. Now that all the excess clutter is gone, you can concentrate on creating yourself a workspace you absolutely love and you actually want to spend time in.

Can you think of anything else to add to the list above?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Liz x

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