10 things to remember for your next exhibition stand

Fairs, events and exhibitions – you may go regularly, you may have been invited to attend one or you’re still thinking about attending one. You might even have a small stand at a networking event.

You’ve invited all your contacts to your stand, sent them an email, directed them to your website and reminded them on social media. What next?

I’ve created a list with some essentials to help make your stand look cohesive and branded, and ensure that you’re giving your visitors a good experience of your small business so they hopefully remember you when they’re back home.

And you can concentrate on the important part, meeting people and selling your products or services.


You want people to know who you are and what you do quickly and easily, otherwise they will just wander past. Try a roller banner, a frame with your logo or a showcard. All stands are different so find out whether you can fix frames or posters to a wall or if you need to get creative with the table top.

Business card

Do not forget your business cards whatever you do! If I’m interested in a product or service, I like to do my research at leisure when I get home and browse the website or check out the social media.

It can be busy or conversations rushed or you just don’t have chance to properly visit a stall. Or you just want to go away and think about it or tell your family or a friend.

You need to have a business card to hand out.

Leaflet or brochure

Having a leaflet or brochure with more information about your business and what you do can be useful even in this age of digital marketing. People still like to pick up a leaflet or read a brochure


Have some giveaways planned to tempt people onto your stall or even to give out if they buy something, you can pop a little sticker in their bag or some sweets.

Goodie bag

A branded bag with an information pack or giveaways is a great marketing tool as people will use it to put all their other leaflets and giveaways in. Extra points if it’s an eco, canvas re-useable bag because there’s more chance it’ll be used again and again. Extra brand awareness!

Roller banner

Whether you go with a floor standing one or a smaller table top one, a roller banner has so many uses, not just during exhibitions and fairs. Use a roller banner to really promote your brand and explain what you do. Keeping it generic makes it useful for other places too – in shops, for workshops, at networking events, for talks. You can even keep a table top one on your desk at home to make you feel like a ‘real’ business!

Keep it simple and don’t overload with too much information – you want it to tempt people to visit your stand and talk to you or pick up your goodie bag with your information pack.


Stickers can be so useful at events and exhibitions, and they’re brilliant value too. How can you use stickers on your stand?

  • Stick onto products
  • Stick onto business cards
  • Use as a giveaway or stick onto a giveaway
  • On bags and packaging
  • In your information packs
  • Call to Action
  • Useful information about your business
  • Direct to social media or website

The list is endless, you just need to get creative with them.

Email collection

Building your email list is still important to a small business even with the GDPR regulations. You can no longer just add people to your email list but you can email them inviting them and providing them with a link so they can subscribe. Offering a freebie can make this even more tempting.

You can still collect business cards and follow up any leads so make sure you have a box or bowl to keep these in.

Name tag

A simple one but I feel it’s always friendly and professional to have a name tag so people know who you are even if it’s just you on the stand. If your stand gets busy then people can pick you out straight away otherwise they might just walk away.

Tempt people in

Having something on your stand to tempt people in can make or break how successful the exhibition is for you. A survey, a competition, a demonstration or a video can all tempt people to come your way.

Price list

Vitally important whether you are selling products or services, people always want to know. Make sure all your products are properly priced (you don’t want to spend all day answering the same questions!). If you sell services, have a price list or leaflet to hand or direct people to your website. Even if it’s a ‘starting from’ price, it’ll give people an idea.

And finally

Create a cohesive look on your stand – use your branding colours where ever you can, on the table cloth, on cups, pens, sweets, bowls for business cards. Even what you wear! It’s these tiny touches that bring everything together so prospects and customers recognise you and hopefully remember you.

Liz x

Liz Hall Design - logo designer, graphic designer, Bradford

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