10 leaflet ideas to inspire your next marketing project

When it comes to leaflets we always seems to fall back to the trustworthy A5 flyer.

Solid and dependable, you know where you are with it – everyone is familiar with the famous A5 flyer.

If you’re simply after a double sided flyer, I’ve written another blog about alternatives to the A5 flyer which might suit your project better or help you look a little different and stand out from the crowd.

However, before you jump straight in with both feet and get your flyers ordered, have a good think whether it’s a flyer you really need or whether a small folded leaflet might suit your marketing project better.

A5 flyers are great for advertising events and special offers, great for handing out in large quantities and putting through letter boxes. On the down side, they can be flimsy and the first thing that most people do when they receive them, is fold them in half and stuff them in a pocket or bag.

Not what you want when you’ve agonised over colours and text and images and design, and really want people to keep hold of your information and get in touch with you.

I’ve also seen so much information squashed onto the poor A5 that I didn’t know what I should be looking at.

If you’re looking to promote your small business, to tell potential customers what you do or sell, to give some information about you, to inspire them to buy from you, or at the very least, keep your leaflet till they’re ready to buy – try a folded leaflet.

With so many different sizes and layouts available, one of these might be the perfect fit for promoting your small business. With a few different pages to choose from, you can arrange your information cohesively and clearly, and show a little of your business personality too.

A5 Slim

This is basically your A5 flyer but folded in half. Even though it’s the same size, weirdly you can fit more information on it. And it’s an intriguing little size and shape.

A5 Trifold

This is another unusual one, still based on the A5 but this is folded into 3 pages. I worked on one like this and it’s still one of my favourites. Printed on thicker paper, it stands on its side and gives a 3D effect – great to stand out when networking as all other leaflets just lay flat on the table.

A4 Single Fold

This is a popular one, an A4 folded in half to create an A5 leaflet with 4 pages.

A4 Trifold

Another popular one, A4 folded into 3 pages, but a lovely size and shape for creating an interesting leaflet.

Square Single Fold

If you’ve read any of my other blogs or followed me on social media, you’ll know I’m a sucker for anything square. It’s usually flyers but this is a folded square leaflet if you really want to make an impact.

Square Trifold

As above, it’s a square leaflet but folded 3 times.

A4 Gatefold

An interesting leaflet but one you rarely see – the outside edges fold into the middle so it’s like opening two little doors, or a gate. Hence the name!


Another favourite of mine and another one that can really add impact to your marketing. The number of folds depends on the size of the pages but I’ve worked on a couple of business card sized concertinas that have been very popular.

A5 Landscape Folded

This is still A5 sized but landscape folded so the shape again can stand out from the traditional portrait. And it can be interesting from a design side with it’s longer slimmer shape.

A5 Landscape Trifold

The ever popular trifold but using the A5 as a landscape instead. An even longer, slimmer shape so design elements can flow across all three pages.

And finally

Not every shape and fold will work for every design so it’s worth talking to a designer to see which can work best for your particular project. Choosing something wacky and different for the sake of it isn’t the best place to start.

Work out what information you want, images you need and the type of people you’re looking to target and where. Then see which leaflet will work best for you.

An insiders tip, I always like to create a mockup and scribble my initial ideas onto it so I can see what will work best for that particular client and project.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your next marketing project – let me know how you get on in the comments!

Liz x


Liz Hall Design - logo designer, graphics designer, Bradford

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