How I plan my social media calendar for the whole year

I like to plan and be organised, ironically it allows me to be more creative because I’m not worried about the day to day stuff. 

One of the biggest time consumers for me, and probably most of you, is social media. Scheduling can take time but coming up with ideas, keeping content interesting, engaging, urgh! Some days I just want to hide and not do anything!

But, over the last few years I’ve created myself a system (totally by accident) of planning my social media content.

First things first

Where do you plan what you want to post? 
Whether it’s a document on your computer, tablet or phone, your diary, notebook or pages in a file, create a page for each month. 

And this is the way I plan my social media 

I start at the top of this list and fill in the days. 

  • All the main holidays and events such as Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays
  • On the first of the month I welcome the month and share any plans I have
  • On the last of the month I share successes I’ve achieved for that month
  • On Sundays I share one of my blogs
  • Saturdays are a mix of personal or fun, and I rotate these
  • Hashtags – I use #MondayMotivation because I like quotes but it can be anything to motivate my followers. There are tons of hashtags out there so find the ones that work for your business. 
  • On Fridays I like to round up the week I’ve had – jobs worked on, people seen, a little look behind the scenes.

So, by now I’ve actually filled most of my calendar. I only really have 3 days a week to fill with other posts. And that’s much easier to do than 7 days of brand new ideas.

What about the rest?

With the remaining 3 days I like to mix it up with various different things and these tend to be the ideas you get on social media guides >>

  • Newsletter signup 
  • Promote other social media accounts
  • Works in progress
  • Portfolio
  • Design tips
  • Insights into my business
  • Questions
  • Networking or events attended

You get the picture

Marketing focus

Each month I also try to have a focus on a particular aspect of my business – it might be a special offer, a particular product I’m showcasing, trying to build my list – so I try to build posts around that theme. 

For example, if it’s exhibition and fair season I’ll share links to blogs such as 10 things to remember for your next exhibition stand and 10 creative places you can use your roller banner

I’ll post my portfolio images of roller banners and business cards I’ve designed to remind people to get theirs designed and printed, and reminders about special offers.

Maybe ask followers what their tips are for attending events or ask if they’re attending anything special.

You get the picture. 

So that’s the way I fill my social media calendar up. The exact posts or hashtags I use won’t necessarily work for you business but check your stats and see what your followers like, see what’s popular. 

And finally

But remember, it is social media and you don’t need to be rigid with it. 
Being organised doesn’t mean you have to stick to this or else. It’s about making it easy for yourself to create posts. Keeping your followers engaged is the key here. 
Then, when the inspiration hits, you can be spontaneous. 

How do you plan your social media content? Let me know in the comments. 

Liz x

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