12 days of festive social media ideas for your wellness business

You might have your whole December social media scheduled or you might be so busy you’ve not got round to doing it yet. Even if you’re super busy it’s still worth keeping up your presence on the socials.

I’ve created 12 stocking filler social media ideas that you can use to fill any little gaps you might have or just to spark some ideas if you’re struggling what to post.

The trick for your Christmas marketing is to shift your focus onto present buyers rather then your super customer. Family and friends will be searching for gift ideas for their loved ones so make it easy and simple for them to buy.

What can I buy for a yoga enthusiast?

What can I buy for a stressed out partner?

What can I buy a friend who is struggling with their sleep?

A sprinkle of Christmas sparkle

You’ve probably already created a festive version of your social media icons and covers but if you haven’t, take a look at that first. Pop a Santa hat on your logo and add a sparkly background to your cover. If you don’t have time you don’t need to spend ages, just add a little sparkle!

The same goes for your social media graphics.

Use a Christmassy background or if you take pictures of products, take some new ones with baubles or tinsel or something to create that cosy feeling in winter. Make your feed feel Christmassy and festive.

A wellness Christmas gift guide

Make it easy for those gift buyers and create a Christmas gift guide list.

Use a festive background and an eye catching title such as Surprise her! Or go simple with Gifts for Her. List your top 3 best selling products or services for Christmas.

Remember to add links to make it simple to buy.

If you’re reading this a little earlier in the year, think about collaborating with a complementary business and creating a gift guide together which you can both promote.

Create stocking fillers

If you sell products, create some mini gifts by bundling products together and giving them a festive name. If you already have bundles just change the name and make it feel more Christmassy.

People are always looking for small gifts and stocking fillers for Secret Santa, teacher gifts, in-laws, even last minute gifts for surprise guests.

Stress free Christmas

How can you help your followers destress and calm down this Christmas?

Even though it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also incredibly stressful for many people trying to create the perfect Christmas for their families. Add over excited children and relatives you rarely see to the mix, it can quickly turn into something not so wonderful.

For some people they might struggle at this time of year for other reasons – grief, trauma,  loneliness or depression.

What can your wellness business do to help your followers navigate the season and reduce their stress?

Easy workouts you can fit into your day

How to eat well to balance your mood

Mini massage to help aid sleep

Or even just encourage followers to sit down for 5 minutes with a cuppa and a mince pie and practice some mindfulness.

Behind the scenes

What is going on in your business over the festive period?

This is a good opportunity to share a side of your wellness business that your followers might not see. Connect with them and let them see the real you!

Share what is going on behind the scenes.

It’s a good chance to share some of the fun things such as your decorations, your Christmas jumper or hat. Or a festive pet. Everyone loves pictures of pets!

Christmas hours and post dates

And this is something people always forget!

Post dates catch me out. Every. Single. Year. If you send products out, keep reminding your customers so they don’t miss out.

If your Christmas hours are different, let people know. Are you extending them? Working less? When do you finish for Christmas? When are you back?

I would post this every week as people do forget!

Thank you for your support this year

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our lovely customers so post a thank you post to show how much you’ve appreciated them and their business throughout this last year.

Thank your followers for their engagement and feedback.

Awareness days

These are always handy social media post fillers throughout the year and December has a few. They can be fun or they can deal with tougher topics depending on what is suitable for your wellness business.

These are some dates for December 2023:

4 National Tree Dressing Day

8 Christmas Jumper Day

2-8 National Grief Awareness Week

13 Hot Chocolate Day

17 Dec – 1 Jan Festival Winter Walks

There are others so do an Internet search to find the best ones for your business.

A festive countdown

A countdown is always a fun way to engage customers and it gives people a bit more time to become aware of what’s going on. Social media algorithms are notorious for not showing all posts and also not everyone checks their socials all the time especially when they’re busy over the Christmas period.

Creating a countdown gives chance to build up the anticipation and gives people a chance to catch on.

Create a video

Videos are always good for engagement on social media.

It doesn’t have to be long (I posted a 5 second video and got over 56k views!) sometimes the shorter the better!

Unwrap a product and show it being used

A quick exercise move

A look at your decorated salon

Some Christmas fun

A good stocking filler post is a fun one. And there are lots of different ways to do this.

A poll

What is your favourite Christmas song or film

Fill in the blanks

All I want for Christmas is ______________. Ask followers to fill in the blanks.

This or that?

Christmas cake or Christmas pudding?

Mulled wine or eggnog?

Use a gif

Ask followers to share their favourite Christmas film, song, drink, treat using a gif

Create a meme

There are lots of ways you can create one but Canva has its own section for creating them. Or you can just use Photoshop or a similar graphics programme.

12 days of Christmas

This one probably takes more thought and is more than just a stocking filler post but you can create a 12 days of Christmas series of posts.

Whether you use products, exercises, tips or recipes, this is a good way to help your followers over the Christmas period and show your expertise. 

And finally

Hopefully this list of stocking filler social media ideas will give you some inspiration for your Christmas planning this December.

But as important as December and Christmas marketing is, keep an eye on January and the new year. Wellness is a super high priority for so many people after the excess of Christmas.

More often than not, new year resolutions focus on being healthier, fitter, more mindful, calmer, better living.

Once the craziness and busyness of Christmas is over, use that quiet time until new year to promote your wellness business and show how you can help your followers create better habits in January.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your Christmas marketing. Let me know which ones you’ve used or found helpful. I’d love to hear!

Liz x

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