10 things to remember for your next exhibition stand

Liz Hall Design - exhibition checklist - 10 things to remember for your next exhibition stand

Fairs, events and exhibitions – you may go regularly, you may have been invited to attend one or you’re still thinking about attending one. You might even have a small stand at a networking event.

You’ve invited all your contacts to your stand, sent them an email, directed them to your website and reminded them on social media. What next?

I’ve created a list with some essentials to help make your stand look cohesive and branded, and ensure that you’re giving your visitors a good experience of your small business so they hopefully remember you when they’re back home.

And you can concentrate on the important part, meeting people and selling your products or services.

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10 leaflet ideas to inspire your next marketing project

Liz Hall Design - leaflet ideas to inspire your next marketing project

When it comes to leaflets we always seems to fall back to the trustworthy A5 flyer.

Solid and dependable, you know where you are with it – everyone is familiar with the famous A5 flyer.

If you’re simply after a double sided flyer, I’ve written another blog about alternatives to the A5 flyer which might suit your project better or help you look a little different and stand out from the crowd.

However, before you jump straight in with both feet and get your flyers ordered, have a good think whether it’s a flyer you really need or whether a small folded leaflet might suit your marketing project better.

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10 creative ideas for social media posts

10 creative ideas for social media posts by Liz Hall Design - logo designer, graphic designer, Bradford, Shipley

Coming up with ideas for social media posts can be time consuming and frustrating. We’ve all been there, sat at the computer wracking our brains for some thing interesting, funny or useful to post to our followers. And the more we think about it, the harder it seems to get!

To make things a little easier, and get the creative juices flowing, I’ve come up with 10 ideas for your social media posts. And these will work for any type of business, just adapt them for what you need.

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10 reasons to use case studies in your marketing

Liz Hall Design blog - 10 reasons to use case studies in your marketing - Logo design, graphic design

What’s the best way to show your customers how you can solve their problem?

By showing them how you solved the problem for someone else.

And not only are you showing how you can solve a problem, you’re also giving customers an insight into your little world, how you work and what they can expect from you. Whether it’s a particular way of working or a process you use, they can get to know more about your business and hopefully want to work with you.

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10 things to do with your blog after you hit publish

10 things to do with your blog after you hit publish - Liz Hall Design, logo designer, graphic designer

Blogs are simply the best.

They can help drive traffic to your website and improve your SEO.

People are more likely to trust the information they read on a blog.

And they’re free! (unless you’re super busy then you can pay an expert to write for you)

However, once you’ve spent the time researching and writing and have finally hit the publish button, what next?

Even if you’ve only been blogging a short while, you’ll have very quickly built up a wealth of information that you shouldn’t just forget about.

Let’s see what you can do with it.

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January marketing ideas to boost your business

January marketing ideas, marketing, Liz Hall Design, graphic designer Bradford

January is that time of year when most of us get all fired up about our businesses (new year, new you and all that) so it’s a great time to use all that positive energy and plan some marketing for this month and beyond.

Some of us might be busy this month (yay for you!), for some of us January is the yearly drought. Either way, our customers are still out there. They might be ready to buy or they might be planning what they want to buy as soon as that wage hits their bank account.

So create a marketing campaign for January that gets your business seen – send out a newsletter, plan your social media, try a different marketing tactic.

I’ve created a list to get your brain thinking, get you inspired and stop you feeling down in the dumps – there’s a ton of things you can do this month!

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Declutter your office and your business

Liz Hall Design, declutter your business, logo design, website design

Every year, as we dip towards Winter with its longer, darkening evenings and the ending off the old year, I feel the urge to discard things I no longer find useful or have never been needed in my home and life.

The declutter bug comes nudging.

And never more is it needed than in my office space where office clutter and business stuff just seems to grow and multiply. I’ve been inspired by the lovely Hazel Dow from Freespace to write a blog about decluttering your office space and making it a beautiful and healthy space to work in.

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