5 design alternatives to the A5 flyer

5 alternatives to A5 flyer

You’re thinking you need to do some marketing, you need some sort of a flyer. An A5 flyer will do. Everyone gets those so it’s fine for you too. But is it?

Now don’t get me wrong, A5 flyers are a classic and have their place. If you’re doing a leaflet drop or you need something cheap and throwaway then this is perfect. Gardeners, trades, garages, promoting an event, new restaurant in town – you’re just letting everyone know you’re here. Get 5,000 printed. Perfect.

But what if you want to create marketing collateral that people will keep, not just fold in half and shove in a pocket or handbag. And yes, we’ve all done it with flimsy flyers.

What if you want to look more professional? What if you want to stand out more? What if you don’t want to give your leaflet to the masses but rather to your super customer who will hopefully buy your products or services?

What if you don’t need 5,000 flyers to sit under your desk for the next five years? You’d be fine with a few less and really think about who to give them out to – a particular networking event, a conference, a fayre, on your counter if you have a shop, a place where you know your super customer will see them and hopefully pick them up.

If you’re looking for something a little different or you just need some inspiration, I have five alternatives for you to think about.

A6 postcard design

A6 postcard design

An A6 postcard is half the size of A5 and while it might initially seem small, take a critical look at your text and images. If you’re just throwing everything at it for the sake of filling space, you might find you can lose a paragraph or tighten up a couple of sentences. Pick one strong image that sums up your brand, dump all the tiny space fillers. You might find that A6 is plenty.

It’s a great cost effective alternative to the A5 flyer making it ideal for promoting a pop up shop, a new exhibition or a list of the services you offer.

A7 postcard design

A7 postcard design

If you thought A6 was small, A7 is half the size again. But sometimes, less is more. Get straight to the point, add your contact details, what more do you need? If you have the right image and message for your super customer, you don’t need waffle.

An A7 postcard is a great size for promoting a new restaurant, a sneak peek of a new product or a new yoga class.

DL postcard design

DL postcard design

The DL postcard is a great all rounder as it can be used both portrait and landscape depending on your needs. It’s a popular shape with my customers and just the right size for a variety of promotions.

Ideal to use portrait for a price list, menu or voucher. Use landscape for a glamorous invitation, a networking giveaway or special offer.

square postcard design

Square postcard design

I won’t lie, I do love a square postcard! It’s my favourite to design and always has the wow factor. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and create a statement then this is the way to go.

Brilliant for an exhibition handout or trade show giveaway, a wedding fayre or restaurant event.

A5 slim postcard design

A5 slim postcard design

Finally, for some thing totally off the beaten track, how about an A5 slim which is half the width of an A5 flyer. A very unusual shape so guaranteed to make an impact.

Use it for a special offer voucher, invitation or to promote fitness classes.

So next time you’re looking for new marketing materials, have a good think about what you actually want to say and what you need to say.

And consider the five lovely alternatives to the A5 flyer.

Liz x

10 creative ways to use your business card for marketing

Your business card is probably the smallest piece of marketing you use for your business but it has such HUGE potential. After a networking event or client meeting, the humble business card is the one thing that stays with your potential customer.

This tiny piece of cardboard is a tiny piece of your business, a tiny piece of you. And I see so many business cards which are either blank on the back (such a waste) or they’re not using the back to their full potential.

Fortunately, because most of us go through business cards pretty quickly, it’s not usually too long before you’re ready for a reprint. And when you are, have a think about some of the following ideas. Could you use them for your cards and make them work that little bit harder for you?


If you really can’t think of anything else to put on the back, put your logo on there. When I get handed a business card, I always flip it over and take a look on the back. At the very least you’re giving your logo a little extra exposure.


When I was sorting through my pile of cards I had lots that said Coach or Consultant or something along those lines that was quite vague. If this is your job, be very specific and add a list of services you offer or a short sentence about what you specialise in. Don’t leave potential customers in any doubt what you do or your card will end up in the bin.


Having an image on the back of your business cards is a brilliant way to showcase your products or services. It’s a good choice for all sorts of businesses, think: hairdresser, architect, florist, caterer, jewellery designer, kitchen designer. If your business is you, how about a great shot of you on the back. But don’t use an old cropped photo – invest in some great photography that really shows you in a positive light. If you’ve already made a great impression, your potential customer will remember that every time they see your picture.


Some customers may be wary about trying your product or service. What better way to allay their fears than by having a testimonial, ideally one that addresses their fears or gives them peace of mind. Or maybe one that shows how you solved a problem they might be having. You could tie this in with a case study which goes further to show how you can help them.


How about a question or statement to engage people? Obviously something that ties in with your business – you don’t want thought provoking questions that have nothing to do with your business!


A map is a good choice if you have a shop or maybe premises that are difficult to get to. Is parking easy – add tips on where to park. Even if not difficult to get to, it helps potential customers to visualise where you are.


Appointments, loyalty card or referrals can easily be incorporated into your business card and it gives people a reason to keep hold of your card. This is the type of thing that can be kept in a purse or wallet so even more handy for passing details onto their friends or other contacts.


If you want to direct people to your website, a blog or a video showcasing your skills, how about a QR code. Make it enticing and part of the design. It’s a great idea if you’re trying to build your email list – scan to download a free e-book or other irresistible freebie.


Some businesses offer a free consultation or XX% off the first job to entice potential customers. Why not remind them by having the information on the back of your business card. If they are interested, it gives them a reason to keep the card. And it reminds them.


Can you give people some free useful information about your business? Not lots of information as you don’t want your card to look busy and messy. Perhaps three tips to help them: take care of their nails or hair, de-stress and relax, take care of their PC, take photos for their business, a recipe… you get the idea.

Essentially what we’re trying to do is get customers and potential customers to keep our cards and not assign them to the dreaded filing system in the waste paper bin.

And not only to keep our cards but also to drive traffic to our websites, to our blogs and to our social media accounts. Give people a reason to pick up the phone and call, or email, or arrange a meeting. A reason to sign up for a special offer or a fabulous freebie.

I’d love to hear how you promote your business with your business card – let me know in the comments.

Liz x